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Guide of livingGuide of living

  • Disaster prevention
  • Report, proof
  • Child care
  • The welfare
  • Health
  • Tax, pension, insurance
  • Living and environment
  • Lifelong learning
  • Building, house, development
  • Agriculture
  • Commerce and industry
  • Municipal administration information, public hearing
  • Assembly, election, inspection
  • Social movement

We look for from "scene of life"We look for from "scene of life"

  • Birth
  • Child care
  • School, education
  • Employment, the retirement
  • Marriage/divorce
  • House, moving
  • Elderly person
  • Condolences
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Event calendar

We display for 30th from today

Wednesday, May 25 It is Saturday, June 30 from this

Event of Iwadeyama Cultural Center coliseum June

Tuesday, May 1 It is Sunday, March 31 from this

The 17th existence detailed hall lecture

Saturday, May 19 It is Sunday, July 1 from this

About guidance of "Atsuko Awano creation doll exhibition" holding

Tuesday, May 29 It is Thursday, June 28 from this

Event of Osaki citizen gallery

Tuesday, June 5 It is Sunday, August 5 from this

2018 existence detailed hall summer plan exhibition "the Japanese ☆ Abes astrology astronomy straight Natori spring relation"

Saturday, June 16 It is Saturday, February 9 from this

Schole Cafe Concert sukorekafekonsato

Tuesday, July 3 It is Friday, July 6 from this

Tohoku University Kawado field center opening lecture 2018

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Osaki-shi government office: 〒 989-6188 1-1, Furukawananokamachi, Osaki-shi, Miyagi (corporation number 1000020042153)
TEL0229-23-2111 (main) FAX0229-23-9979 (main)
Business hours: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. closed days: Saturday and Sunday, national holiday, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)

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